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The purposes of our Private Policy apart from forming part of our Australian Credit Licence (ACL) is  to provide you with how we collect, use, disclose, hold and protect your personal information in assisting, assessing and providing these requirements that form part of your credit application which may include other associated products authorised by you and may include obtaining, verifying or providing your information only to a third party that may be directly involved in your credit application request for example; verification from your employer or involve a credit reporting body such as Veda.


We do not use, disclose or provide your sensitive personal information to any other third party that is not involved or linked to your credit finance without your direct written requested consent.


You can download a copy of our Privacy Policy HERE


Collection Of Your Personal Information


Mars FinanceŽ Pty Ltd only collects your personal information that is necessary for us to provide you with our services through our functions and activities and is only provided by you with your written consent.


Mars FinanceŽ Pty Ltd may use and disclose credit information as well as other information you have provided as follows;


• to verify identity;

• to assess an application for credit;

• for credit guarantee purposes;

• for securitisation purposes;

• for the purpose of assisting an individual to avoid defaulting on the credit provided through MARS FinanceŽ Pty Ltd;

• to disclose to debt collectors for the purpose of collecting overdue payments;

• to provide information to an Australian mortgage insurer for a mortgage insurance purpose;

• to seek from and use or give to another Australian credit provider any information about your account, credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity;

• to seek from and use or give to any mortgage originator, broker, financial consultant, agent, accountant, lawyer, Solicitor or other adviser acting in connection with any financing provided or proposed to be provided by MARS FinanceŽ Pty Ltd;

• to provide information to any person who proposes to guarantee or has guaranteed repayment of any credit provided to you, or who has provided property as security for any credit provided to you;

• to establish, provide, manage or administer any credit facility and to perform any other internal administrative and management functions and operations directly related to the provision or management of credit;

• to disclose serious credit infringements, provided MARS FinanceŽ Pty Ltd believes on reasonable grounds that a serious credit infringement has occurred;

• for external dispute resolution purposes;

• for mortgage credit assistance scheme purposes;

• as required or permitted by law or a court/tribunal;

• to people considering acquiring an interest in our business or assets.


MARS FinanceŽ Pty Ltd may provide the following types of credit information to credit reporting bodies with a respect for credit reporting information as follows;


• Name;

• Date of birth and sex;

• Driver’s licence or other identification information;

• Current and previous addresses;

• Current and last employer;

• The fact that you have applied for credit (including the type of credit and the amount of credit).


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